Lucy | Scaring Grandma(s)

Lucy had lots of adventures on her trip to the Redwoods. Here’s a few that she thought might make her grandma(s) a little nervous…

Lucy could fly and float in the Redwoods

Lucy took a walk along a rushing river and tried to eat some wild ferns that we found

She tried to roll off on her own across the open, elk-infested field.

Lucy’s babysitter at the beach looked pretty young…and apparently encouraged Lucy to eat a little driftwood.

And who put Lucy in the street?

Granma - AAAACK! I wasn’t scared until the last one. And I don’t think that you should blame Charlotte for the driftwood–I notice that she is not wearing a maroon sweatshirt in the above picture…
These are so cute–you guys will have a great record of Lucy growing up, which, by the way, she is doing MUCH too fast.

Nona Reimer - Two roads…Lucy took the one less traveled by.

Jess - Next time you go, we’re totally going. Sad to have missed it.

David Reams - Wow, sitting up by herself, not the best place to sit but she’s sitting up well.
P.S. Farah wasn’t happy with this location shot…must be that “grandma” thing.

Morgan V Gilbert - New favorite baby picture ever taken. Fohawk rebel sitting in the road…she’s crazy adorable.

Lucy | First Trip to the Zoo…and First Kiss?



On Sunday, Lucy took her first trip to the San Diego Zoo. We went with Nona, and our friends Festo and Carolina (and their son Alex).

We tried to keep up a good pace so we could see as much of the zoo as possible because this was Festo and Carolina’s first trip to the zoo as well. But we did find time to stop for a while to play on the gorilla statues.

As soon as Alex got out of his stroller, he went to give the gorillas hugs and kisses. Then he found Lucy…

Then we took turns holding Lucy for pictures.

And ended the evening with a sunset Skyfari ride. Great day!

adam mclane - Yeah, I think you guys are adapting to this parenting thing just fine. Cool thing about having Lucy? You can go to the zoo, act like kids, and it’s not creepy at all. You’re just being awesome parents!

Nona Reimer - Lucy’s hair looks better than mine! ha! What fun.

Granma - Lucy definitely had a question in that pic with Paul. Love the gorilla sequence!

Paul - I didn’t notice that, Mom. You’re right. She does have a question.