Lucy | Trouble Sleeping

Last night, I promised to let Amy sleep in today. She gets up with Lucy every morning, so I wanted to make sure that she had a chance to get some extra sleep. So, this morning, Amy nudged me in bed and said “She’s up-do you want me to go get her?” Sure enough, faintly in the other room I could hear Lucy crying.
“I’ve got it,” I told Amy. “Go back to sleep.”
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Aunt Katie - This story makes me laugh everytime I read it.

Lucy | January Walk | Making Faces

Lucy loves to be outside. And this week she discovered that she loves to make faces. Here are her Sad Face, Happy Face, and Funny Face.










Granma - Honestly, the best ever! I love the ones of Lucy with her Mom and Dad–so precious! I can hardly wait to see her ride her little bike; good thing you have sidewalks!

Early December

Grammies - Made my Christmas!

Connie Lauterbach - These are all so precious. It is hard to pick a favorite. I think holding onto the pole and the next one ” Where did everyone go”
are our favorites.

Christmas | 2013 » The Reams Family - […] year, Lucy loved Christmas. She loved Chrsitmas last year, too. But this year was even better. She loved unpacking the boxes from the garage, especially the […]


Aunt Katie - These are so adorable! That is the face of joy. and she looks JUST like mom in that close up of her on the stairs. It’s sorta creepin me out. Like that time I caught her lookin just like Paul and almost had to put her down…

Granma - Our little zebra! So cute! The little ones are my favorites at Halloween–they are so excited when people give them stuff! Katie, Lucy may look like me in the photo on the stairs, but she looks like Amy in the swing! I love it!

Julie - Such a happy girl, I love seeing these!