Lucy | In the sprinklers

Granma - This is one of my favorite photos of Lucy. I just love her smile–and the bag adds a certain Joie de vivre flavor…so precious!! Can’t wait to see her tomorrow!

Nona - Happy, happy, Lucy! I need a Lucy fix SOON! If you ever come to the beach house a need a little break, “Auntie Nona” will gladly watch Lucy so you can go for a walk or go out to eat! Just give me a call.

Lucy | Exhausted

Grandma Deb really wore Lucy out this morning.

Jen - so so soooo precious!

Granma - That’s how you know she had a good time–good job, Deb!

Connie Reams Lauterbach - This is so cute. Precious little Lucy.

Lucy | Into the Ocean

Lucy loved her last trip to the beach. She kept charging towards the water, even when the waves knocked her over or got water in her face.

Granma - So cute! I love the one of her heading off to the big ocean all by herself! and of course, the daddy’s shoulder’s shot… I see she has a rock clenched in that hand as she marches to the water.

Lucy’s Great-Grandparents | Murrieta, CA

Connie Reams Lauterbach - We had a fun time, too. Lucy is such a big girl now.
Thanks! We all had a good time.

Granma - You guys looked great, Connie and Norman! I love all the props too! Lucy is lucky to have you in her life.

Gabriella - December 12, 2008That was so beautiful to read, so pecfuael. I felt so moved by this post and Im so very far from being in the same situation.When they do come you will give everything you have and love every moment of it. I wish you happiness, good timing and wonderful children who become what you dream for them