Lucy | Potty Training

While we were in Mexico shooting Ashlee and Ryan’s wedding, our moms began to prep Lucy for potty training. We’re grateful that they got things started…

Granma - She had some small success. It’s a step in the right direction. At least right now, she doesn’t see it as a chore!

Abigail - Oh how sweet!! I love it so much!!

Geraldo - Jul31 Tammy we’ve had birds and cats together in the past those birds, they can usullay hold their own (I guess depending on the size). I’ve even seen parakeets chomp down on a kitty’s nose who got too close. We have a couple of parrots who keep our dogs at bay. I love zoos, too, and live in one myself!!!

Lucy | Living Room

Some recent pictures of Lucy playing in the living room with her daddy.

Granma - Love looking at these! There is nothing like seeing the love between a daddy and his little girl. Lucy looks so cute in those center pics!

Dave Reams - Adorable doesn’t begin to describe her….

Lucy | The Sun Room

Amy cut some holes in a cardboard box to make a play area for Lucy.

adam mclane - Love it! Way to play where there’s great natural light!

Grammie - The picture of Lucy looking out the cut out of the box looks just like you, Amy, when you were her age! So cute!

Granma - Lucy is lucky to have such a creative mom! So cute!

Lucy | Funny Face

If you’ve seen her in the last month, you’ve probably seen Lucy’s “funny face.” She opens her eyes wide and makes a shocked expression with her mouth. She thinks it’s hilarious and she knows that Amy and I think it’s funny. Here’s a couple shots of Lucy’s funny face:

Connie Reams Lauterbach - Lucy, You are so funny.