Lucy | Yogurt Snack

Every afternoon, Lucy has a snack. Usually, it’s plain yogurt (though lately we’ve been adding some blackberries from the yard). She’s also had a renewed interest in feeding herself. She loves to operate the spoon.

Granma - I love the one with the spoon hanging out of her mouth–so cute! I can’t believe how much like a little girl she is now–not a baby at all!

Lucy and Piggy | March 2012

*We’ve been a little remiss in updating the blog, so in the coming weeks (especially when Dad gets out of school) we’re going to try to catch you up on a little of what we didn’t get to post to the blog. Here’s an update from March:

Lucy has several stuffed animals in her life. She calls all of them sheep. This one isn’t a sheep; it’s a piggy.

Auntie Cheri - So adorable! That’s the piggy with the surfboard named Dave isn’t it. She is so very cute, love her, you and these posts!

Dad - Yup, that’s the surfing pig! Thanks, Aunt Cheri!

Granma - Shouldn’t that be “Lucy and Sheep-y”? She is so cute at bedtime with all her sheep to hug.

Lucy | One Year Old

And a quick shot of mom and dad.

festo - That’s wonderful nature yelow nature with little Amy I mean lucy is little Amy and Amy is Big lucy

Granma - And that’s why Lucy is as cute as she is–look how cute mom and dad are! Love you guys!

argie - adorable, photogenic, i love it
where is this field at?

Jessica - Precioso!

Abigail Bacon - Just wonderful! Good back drop too, where is this? I love you 3!!

Grandpa - Is Lucy walking?? She’s so cute standing up.
Great set of pictures.

Paul - Not quite walking yet. But working on it. The field is near our house-actually just a spot that we saw last year off the side of the road and thought was pretty.

bethany - such sweet and beautiful photos! i cannot believe she’s standing already!