Lucy | Portrait Outtakes

Some pics that didn’t quite make the cut in the final portrait session.

Brittany - I just realized how much babies and drunk people are alike. I used to eat flowers too.

katie wrieden - There is something about the second one down that looks very Calvin-and-Hobbesy. I think its Lucy’s leg and posture- and of course, her cuteness. :) she’s a gem!

Grammie - Nothing like a good cry in daisies, I say. So cute!

Lucy | 1 Year Old Portraits | Preview

Lucy went to a field of flowers near our house for her one year portrait session. We’ll have lots more pics to share tomorrow.

Nona Reimer - love this picture!

Grammie - She is so precious! What a happy girl!

Granma - We’re entering a new stage of Lucy. She’s not a baby any more–she’s her own little self! I love this picture!

Renee Browne - I seriously cannot handle this amount of cuteness!!! Miss you guys!

connie Lauterbach - Lucy, you are just too cute. How precious. Love all these pictures.

Lucy | First Birthday

After she ate her cake, I got a chance to read to Lucy and her friend.

Lucy got lots of great gifts, but her favorite so far has been a chair that Grandparents Jan and Don got for her. She plays in it everyday. Today we took it to the park and she played in it for almost two hours.

Granma - What a happy day! I loved watching Lucy eat her cake and play with other kids and enjoy herself! Happy birthday, granddaughter–you are loved!!

Jessica - Ugh. Uterus hurting again….

Connie Reams Lauterbach - Lucy, Grandpa and I love to watch you play and sit in your beautiful new chair.
What a nice Birthday Party you had. You have so many people that love you.