Big Bear Vacation

We spent three days up at Big Bear this week with some good friends and their son, Henry. On Wednesday, we drove out to find some snow for Lucy and Henry to play in.

Then we took a walk along the shore of Big Bear Lake. What a beautiful afternoon! I love this portrait of Lola, the extraordinarily patient dog. Lucy and Henry crawled over her all weekend, so she definitely deserved a little romp in the lake.

Lucy spent much of the time in the cabin crawling up to the cabin’s second story. Each time that she made it to the top, she burst into applause and smiled. Here she is just about to get up that top step and crawl towards her bath.

Unfortunately, Lucy got an ear infection on the trip (and Amy and I caught little colds as well). St. Patty’s day has been a “relax around the house and try to get better” day. We’re really relishing Lucy’s willingness to cuddle up and read with us.

Lucy | Crawling

Lucy has been crawling a ton lately.  Today she chased after our cat for a whole hour!  She’s moving quite quickly now…

Auntie Cheri - She is so big! Bet Zucchini loved the chase, haha. She will be up and running before you know it!

Zoe - Good thing she has wedding photographers for parents who will still know how to capture her as she gets moving faster and faster!!

Grammie - So fun to play “chase the cat” with her. I did it for an hour on Wed. So many giggles!